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SNIFF San Diego Dog Walkers is San Diego most exciting dog walking company. We're seeking an experienced dog pro to walk dogs for our clients in San Diego, California.

Dog walkers LOVE their job and make good money for part-time hours! And you help dogs. That's a seriously cool thing.

Take a look at this job

For starters, it's fun! You go to the client's home; you walk their dog. SNIFF specializes in private walks. So, these are peaceful walks around the neighborhood — not chaotic "pack walking." We work every day Monday through Friday from approximately 10:00 or 11:00 am to 2:00 or 3:00 pm, serving mostly clients who get walks every day. It's 18-25 hours of work per week.

How much money can you make?

Starting pay averages around $15.00 an hour. And you can increase your income by doing overnight dog sitting stays and pet sitting visits. You're a W-2 employee at SNIFF, not a 1099 independent contractor. Working as an employee is better. You're eligible for unemployment and workman's comp benefits. If you work as an independent contractor with Wag!, Rover, or many other local dog walking companies, you forfeit and receive none of these basic rights. And we offer direct deposit for your paychecks.

Here's how you apply!

Tap around our website to learn about our exciting company. And review our job requirements below to make sure you qualify. If you're a good fit and are committed to helping our company grow, apply by email only. Include your resume and references, and tell us about your previous work with dogs — and what you can bring to the SNIFF team of professional dog walkers.


EXPERIENCE - Professional or volunteer experience working with dogs.
AVAILABILITY - Can work all five days Monday-Friday between 11am-3pm.
PHONE - Smart phone IOS or Android.
HONESTY - Track-record of integrity. Impeccable references.
RESPONSIBILITY - Reliable, punctual and able to stick to a schedule.
PROXIMITY - You should live relatively close to your dog walking route.
COMMITMENT - Can commit to working with us for at least six months.
CAR - Must have a car or other form or motorized transportation, valid driver's license and car insurance.

Our Mission

SNIFF Dog Walkers started in 2010 with a simple but ambitious goal: we will do it better. Every walk. Every dog. Every day.

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